Hi! I'm Julia.

I’m a student of Multimedia Design and Communication at KEA- Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. As a multimedia designer I have worked with different levels of digital design process and I have gained different skills within design and programming. I have worked with style guides, visual identity, branding, UX, UI, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am comfortable using GitHub for programming collaboration and as an online saving tool. Aa well as restdb.io for creating databases. I have a great understanding of how to work a good part of the Adobe programs.







Premiere Pro



EIMU Client analysis | User Research | SoMe strategy | Website design | Visual Identity

EIMU is the first Estonian plant based milk provider that we got a chance to collaborate with wile working on this assignment. First step of the project was to identify client's needs and plan the scope of work. We divided our work into 3 different areas related to EIMU's online presence: improving the visual identity, creating a new web platform and planing the social media strategy. When working on visual identity we conducted market, sender and user research to find out what works the best and what the users like visually. Based on the results we created brand style guide which helped us to keep a coherent visual identity. When creating the web platform we found a lot of inspiration during the desk research. The scope of work included drawing wireframes, creating advanced prototype and finally coding the solution. Lastly we created a social media strategy including mock-up posts with our illustrations.

Tools used: Photoshop, Illustator, Google Forms, Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, Restdb.io, GitHub

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SILFEN Website redesign | Visual Identity | GitHub collaboration | Client Pitch

This project was a group assignment in which we got a chance to collaborate with Silfen- a Danish accessory brand. The client wanted to improve their online presence as well as introduce the a new sub-brand to the website. We started with conducting research to find out which parts of the current solution could be improved. After identifying the main problems we started the ideation process, we used personas to keep the design as user centred as possible. Next step was prototyping starting with wireframes moving to more advanced prototype in Adobe XD. Last step was to code the final solution, we used github as our collaboration tool, we also needed to create a database to be able to display the products. At the end of we got a chance to prepare the final pitch deck and present our solution to the client.

Tools used: Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Notion, Restdb.io

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PLANT CONFIGURATOR Web animations | JavaScript SVG manipulating | Interactive UI

The main objective of this project was to create a dynamic configurator. The first step was to prepare the images to be interactive and edit them in Photoshop and Illustrator. Next step was to work on the visual side and create a prototype of the webpage. After that we could code the static parts of the website and The final step was to fetch the SVG and make the website dynamic using JavaScript. Web animations helped us to make all of the transitions smooth and to make the configurator more user-friendly.

Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GASP, Git, GitHub

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FORM FOR SIGNIFLY Form design | Form validation | Engaging UX/UI | JavaScript data posting

In this project we got a chance to collaborate with Signifly- Digital Innovation Agency. We needed to create a form for Ezone website that will allow the users to join the e-sports community and get access to personalised content and articles regarding gaming performance. The first steps were to identify what information do we need to know about the user and plan how to create engaging user interface. We started designing the form by creating the prototype and dividing the fields into several steps to make the user experienceuser experience as pleasant and intuitive as possible. We created a database and connected it to the form in HTML using JavaScript. Last step was to style the form and all of the input fields using SASS, as well as add animations to make it more dynamic.

Tools used: Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, Vite, Restdb.io, Netlify, Git, GitHub

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FISHERBEAR UI design | Character Illustrations | Game mechanics in JavaScript


The prupose of this project was to create an interactive, animated game from scratch. The process started with choosing style of the game, creating a moodborad and style tile. Next step was to create a character as well as user interface (consisting of 4 different game screens), based on the first sketches I created multiple vector graphics. Final step was coding the game and using the elements created in Illustrator. I created activity diagram to plan the structure of the code and based on that worked on the final solution.

Tools used: Illustator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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"TIME FOR TEE" WEBSHOPUX oriented data collection | Advanced Prototyping | Branding | Logo design

Main objective of this project was to create a branding/visual identity for the mobile t-shirt shop based on theUX research and data collection . It included creating logo, coherent UI design and brand values. Our research showed a lot of young people seem to care for brand values & environmental impact, so it would be reasonable to create a perfect basic T-shirt brand with minimal carbon footprint, also transparent use of fabrics & manufacturing. We came up with an idea to create customizable T-shirts as well as a possibility to have a custom size. We made a T-shirt quiz, which could recommend the perfect T-shirt based on customers' personality & lifestyle.

Tools used: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Google forms

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FOO BAR UI design | Dashboard design | Dynamic data

In the project we got a chance to work on two digital services for the FooBar - a bar created for the purpose of this assignment. We were provided with a complex dynamic data structure showing the details of the products that they’re selling as well as keeping the track of the current orders and inventory. One of the team members and I were responsible for a dashboard showing the current state of the bar. Our goal was to create a coherent playful design using vibrant colours make the product as user friendly as possible and build a dynamic, responsive dashboard for the bartenders and bar managers using Vanilla JavaScript.

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